Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier


Groundhog Day is a cultural event that is celebrated every year on February 2 at several locations in the United States and Canada. In order to make a prediction about the remaining winter, groundhogs (Marmota monax) waking from hibernation are lured out of their burrow for the first time in the year. When the animal „sees its shadow“, i.e. when the sun shines, the winter should last another six weeks.

The popularity of Groundhog Day continues to grow. The biggest celebration is held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The town comes alive with special events, celebrations, and fun; thousands of visitors attend the annual trek to see Punxsutawney Phil reveal his forecast.

The day of the marmot goes back to an old German farmer’s rule, which was later brought to Pennsylvania by German immigrants.

„Wenn der Dachs zu Maria Lichtmeßen, mittags zwischen 11 und 12 Uhr seinen Schatten sieht, so muß er noch vier Wochen in seinem Baue bleiben.“

Since the immigrants in Pennsylvania did not see any badgers, a similar winter dormouse was quickly found, namely the widespread groundhog.


prediction – Vorhersage

hibernation – Winterschlaf

to lure – locken

burrow – Bau

trek– trekken

marmot – Murmeltier

badger – Dachs

dormouse – Siebenschläfer

widespread – weitverbreitet