How green is your office?

5 ways to make your office more eco-friendly

Read the text and match the headlines.


Decorate the office with plants     Introduce a BYORB policy       

Eliminate screen savers            Unplug       

Keep the shades open during daylight hours




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It is not enough to simply power down your devices before leaving — power is still being consumed if they are plugged in. Phantom power, or standby power, can become a huge, unnecessary expense for your company if left unaddressed.
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If your office space is equipped with windows, it would make sense to use them. About 25% of the electricity consumed in the US is used to light office spaces. Reduce your environmental footprint and financial losses by opening the blinds and letting the natural daylight pour into your workplace.
3. __________________________________
Bringing your own bottle or coffee mug to work is one of the easiest and healthiest eco-initiatives to institute in the office.

4. ________________________________
The benefits of office plants are numerous. In addition to their aesthetic value, plants can help reduce your office’s carbon emissions as well as naturally purify the air in your office.
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Set a company policy that disallows the use of screen savers. Instead, set monitors to power off after the same amount of time; it’s just as easy.


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