Nothing says summer to an American more than barbeques, nighttime campfires and s’mores! A s’more consists of one or two roasted marshmallows squished between a pair of graham crackers and a layer of chocolate. While the recipe for the treat was popularized by the American Girl Scouts in their official 1927 publication Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, nobody really knows how this gooey goodie originated. All that matters is that this sweet and sticky sandwich will literally leave you wanting “some more”!


How to make the perfect s’more:

  • Build a small fire and let the fire burn down to hot coals. (Or light up coals in a charcoal grill and let them burn down.)
  • Push one or two large marshmallows onto the end of a clean long stick or metal skewer with a handle. Metal skewers work best.
  • Roast your marshmallows 1 to 3 inches over a pocket of hot, glowing embers (they should be red and white). Don’t get too close to the heat source or any flames – you don’t want your marshmallows to catch fire!
  • When the undersides of the marshmallows develop a warm brown crust, rotate your stick periodically until all sides are golden brown and the inside is soft and gooey. The marshmallow is done when it is loose and on the verge of falling off the skewer.
  • Gently slide the roasted marshmallows off the skewer onto a graham cracker. Place a piece of a chocolate bar on top of the marshmallow and cover it with another graham cracker.
  • Enjoy and repeat until you no longer want “s’more”!


If you can’t find graham crackers – they are hard to come by in continental Europe, shortbread cookies covered in chocolate on one side are a great substitute. Chocoholics will want to use two of these cookies; however, one plain shortbread cookie and one with chocolate should more than suffice for those without a sweet tooth.


August 10th is National S’mores Day in the United States, so stock up on marshmallows and your preferred s’mores essentials! How many can you eat until you stop saying “s’more”?


squished = gequetscht

graham cracker = eine Art Vollkornbutterkeks, oft mit Hönig gesüßt

layer = Schicht

treat = Leckerei

gooey = klebrig

goodie = Süßigkeit

sticky = klebrig

skewer = Bratspieß

embers = glühende Kohle