It’s my cup of tea


It’s not my cup of tea
This is one of the most commonly used idioms in everyday English to talk about something or someone that you don’t like or don’t find pleasing. You can say “he or she or it is not my cup of tea”.

Example: Watching horror movies is not my cup of tea.

I wouldn’t do it for all the tea in China
You would not do something even for all the tea in China, which as everyone knows is a huge amount. Another expression with the same meaning is “not in a million years.”

Example: No I won’t do it—not for all the tea in China!

A storm in a teacup
Is used when people talk about a small event or a small problem is as if it were a big tragedy.

Example: Don’t worry. It’s a storm in a teacup. Everyone will have forgotten about it by tomorrow.

It’s as good as a chocolate teapot
Imagine a teapot made out of chocolate. It would be entirely useless for serving hot tea, right?
This idiom is used to refer to something totally useless.

Example: Your plan is as good as a chocolate teapot.