The Seasons

Spring – Summer – Autumn (Fall US) – Winter. Genießen Sie den Frühling mit uns und lernen Sie einige neue Vokabeln zum Thema Seasons kennen.


A man for all seasons – a man who is successful and talented in many areas

In season – the time of year when a vegetable or fruit is ripe and ready to be eaten

Out of season – the time of year when few people go on holiday / a time when something is not available

Season’s greetings – a formal greeting during a holiday period, especially Christmas


Different usages of the word season:

To season is to add salt, pepper and or spices to food (würzen)

Seasonal is characteristic of a specific period in the year (saisonal)

Seasoned describes a person who has good knowledge and experience of a specific field (erfahren) 

Over to you – Add the right idiom or word in the gap:

  1. Hotels are much cheaper ____________________________
  2. She is a ______________ climber.
  3. Robert is great at repairing all kinds of things. He is _______________________________.
  4. The dish is served with _______________ vegetables.
  5. I am really looking forward to May when strawberries are _________________
  6. _________________ the sauce by adding some Italian herbs such as thyme and basil.
  7. _________________ greetings from everyone here at ROSE College.

Answers: out of season, seasoned, a man for all seasons, seasonal, in season, Season, Season’s