Here we come a-caroling!


Caroling is the act of going from house to house singing Christmas songs, or carols. This tradition became popular in Victorian England. In fact, the first book of English carols was published in 1833!

Can you unscramble the names of these popular Christmas songs in different languages!

1)ePtti aaPp loNë (French)
2)oyJ ot eht doWlr (English)
3)eesAdt eesldiF (Latin)
4)zeFli ddaaivN (Spanish)
5)telSli chNta iigHeel tcNah (German)
*to unscramble = entschlüsseln


Lösung: 1) Petit Papa Noël; 2) Joy to the World; 3) Adeste Fideles; 4) Feliz Navidad; 5) Stille Nacht heilige Nacht