You and your employees have to communicate with colleagues and customers from all over the world, and you have to make difficult decisions and collaborate with them in order to complete projects successfully. But sometimes you encounter cultural challenges that frustrate successful collaboration.


Would you like to prepare for a business assignment in a foreign country or a visit from your
business partner?


We’ll gladly help you develop the necessary intercultural competency that it takes to
operate effectively and successfully in an international business setting. The focus
of your intercultural training will be determined according to your requirements
and needs. Here is a brief selection of our workshops:


  • Working in an international team
  • Onboarding for foreign employees in Germany
  • Preparation for a business assignment abroad
  • Successful business in foreign countries


We will gladly present our training materials and content to you and design a customized intercultural training program together with you.

Customized. Individualized. Effective.