We work together with you to develop a customized and practice-oriented language training that is tailor-made to your goals and needs. The result is a fully personalized learning program. Whether it be a one-on-one or group training, an intensive immersion or a steady paced program, each program is focused on your general, career-specific, technical or advanced language goals.



  • Situational Analysis
  • Language Level Evaluation
  • Training Phase at Relevant Levels
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Initial Analysis and Consultation on the goals, background, motivation and desired intensity of the training.
  • A dialogue with the participant about his or her motivation and language goals including a written and oral evaluation (3-Column Evaluation)
  • Commencement of individual training. Number of training units and degree of learning intensity are set according to results of previous two steps.
  • Periodic feedback during the training phase.
  • After completion of training: Feedback is sent to customer. Customer reflection on the training are reviewed and individual certificates and performance evaluations distributed to customer. (Performance Evaluation)
  • By request: Completion with an internationally recognized examination for language use in business contexts.

The result is

High Quality Language Trainings

Customized. Individualized. Effective.